Sheet Metal Fastening
Without Fastners

Clinch Systems made in Italy


In a crucial time for the health of our planet, Clinch Systems produces fasteners that do not emit sparks or fumes.


Thanks to a streamlined production phase, Clinch Systems is able to make custom welders.


Clinch Systems assists its customers before and after the purchase by providing support and a two-year warranty

Welcome To Clinch Systems

Clinch Systems (by Juradotools) based in Italy, offers products and solutions for cost effective assembly of sheet metal products, to a large variety of industrial sectors worldwide, such as automobile, appliance, refrigeration, building, electric, furniture, and many others sectors.

Since 1999, we’ve been delivering our
tools worldwide.


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    Jurado Srls is an Italian company founded in 1999 specialized in the design and production of tools based on technology that is called cold welding or clinching.

    For requests of any types use the following details:

    Jurado Srls

    Via del Sacro Tugurio, 28/A
    06081 Rivotorto di Assisi (PG)

    Tel: (+39) 0758064058
    Cel: (+39) 3355631127
    Fax: (+39) 0758064058