About Us

Jurado Srls is a company founded in 1999 specializing in the manufacture of pliers and hydropneumatic equipment for joining sheets using an original and patented method already known as clinching or cold welding.

The members of the company have decades of experience in the sector and our company currently supplies equipment to the most important companies specializing in sheet metal working.

All our products offer a wide range of possibilities of use and the sectors of application are many: household appliances, metal furniture, ventilation systems, the automotive industry, industrial ovens for painting and, thanks to the flexibility of use of our machines, in all cases in which there is a need to join metal sheets.

Our machines are light, easy to handle, economical and extremely efficient, representing one of the latest developments in the field of sheet metal working. Our dynamic technical staff is constantly engaged in the study of new machines, in the improvement of our products and in the design of specific equipment upon customer request.