Clinching applications examples

28 years of experience, world wide

The industry domains of application for clinching are determined mainly by the use of sheet metal or not. Historically, the first applications of clinching were in the appliance and the automotive sectors. ATTEXOR Clinch Systems engineering team was the pionnier in Europe , with applications made as early as 1978 in the white good industry.

Industry sectors

The mains industry domains in which our equipment is in use are especially those involving serial production of products made of galvanized, pre-painted or aluminium sheet metal.


Building sector: Doors and windows frames, floor and roof elements, gutters, cable tray, panelization, light gauge steel framing, elevators ventilation, lighting, garage doors, mail boxes

Appliance and HVAC: Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, micro-wave ovens, stoves, hot water boilers, solar collectors, air conditioners, heat exchangers

Automobile: Front and rear wings, Aluminium front hood and trunk, Aluminium parts of body, wiper mechanisms and support, window mechanisms, air bags, seats, mirror support, heat shields, air conditioner, engine top seal, pedals

Refrigeration: Freezers, bottle coolers, vending machines, window displays, air filters

Electricity and electronic equipment: computers housings, contactors, cabinets, cable housings

Metallic furniture: Kitchen, drawers, cupboards

And many others