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Introducing the Cobra, a specialized cold welding machine engineered to conquer the challenges posed by geometrically complex profiles. With its innovative manual opening system, the Cobra enables users to execute clinching points on borders that are situated beyond obstacles such as folded sheet metal, U-profiles, or angles.

The exceptional range of the clamp’s opening ensures unprecedented access, making it possible to perform clinching in tight spaces with limited accessibility. This is further enhanced by the slender and elongated design of the tool post, allowing for precise and efficient clinching even in challenging positions.

To enhance usability and versatility, the Cobra can be equipped with a dynamometric balancer upon request. Additionally, the machine can be supplied with round or trapezoidal tool kits, providing flexibility to accommodate various sheet metal thicknesses. The availability of different height dies further expands the range of applications.

With the Cobra, Jurado Tools empowers users to overcome obstacles and achieve flawless clinching results on complex profiles. Experience the advanced capabilities of the Cobra and elevate your cold welding operations to new heights. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of this exceptional machine.


  • Weight of the clamp (including handle): 3.7 kg
  • Total weight together with Booster: 12 kg
  • Max air pressure: 4 bar
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 240 bar
  • Thrust: 18 kN
  • Cycle time: 0.8
  • Max total sheet thikness mild steel:  2.0 mm
  • Max total sheet thikness stainless steel: 1.6 mm