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Mouse ALS

The MOUSE ALS system, meticulously designed by Jurado Tools, combines a sturdy metallic C-frame with a hydraulic piston and a reliable low-pressure safe approach system.

Operating this innovative system is effortless, as the operator utilizes a double pedal mechanism to initiate the low-pressure approach phase before seamlessly executing the clinching process using either a round or trapezoidal point.

To ensure optimal performance, the machine is thoughtfully equipped with essential components such as a weight support, pressure multiplier, and pedal gauge.

Furthermore, Jurado Tools understands the unique requirements of each customer, offering the flexibility to provide C-frame structures with varying throat depths based on specific needs. Experience the efficiency and precision of the MOUSE ALS system by contacting Jurado Tools today.

Mouse ALS

  • Work stroke: 6 mm
  • Low pressure approach 50 o 100 mm
  • Thrust: 35 o 50 kN