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Mouse X60 LA

Introducing the Mouse X-60 LA, a versatile clamp designed to overcome obstacles and deliver precise clinching results. This exceptional tool features a sturdy metallic C-frame structure with a generous 60 mm depth of the throat, allowing for ample working space.

Equipped with a hydraulic piston and a rotating opening system, the Mouse X-60 LA enables easy insertion of the tool in various work positions. By simply turning the handle, the clamp effortlessly oversteps frontal obstacles, ensuring seamless clinching operations.

Operating the Mouse X-60 is convenient and user-friendly, as it can be started using either a pneumatic pedal or the trigger located on the handle. This flexibility enhances the ease of use and adaptability to different working environments.

To accommodate diverse clinching requirements, the Mouse X-60 can be supplied with various types of tool kits. Whether you need to perform round clinching points or trapezoidal clinching points, the machine offers the versatility to meet your specific needs. Additionally, the height of the die can be adjusted to match the thickness of the sheet metal being joined, ensuring precise and reliable results.

For enhanced convenience and ergonomics, the Mouse X-60 can be provided with a balancer upon request, reducing operator fatigue and optimizing workflow.

Experience the power and versatility of the Mouse X-60 LA and elevate your clinching operations to new heights. Contact us today to discover how this exceptional clamp can revolutionize your metal joining processes.

Mouse X60 LA

  • Weight of the clamp (including handle): 7,3 kg
  • Total weight together with Booster: 16,3 kg
  • Max air pressure: 6 bar
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 360 bar
  • Thrust: 35 kN
  • Cycle time: 0.8 s
  • Max total sheet thikness mild steel: 4,0 mm
  • Max total sheet thikness stainless steel: 3,0 mm