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Python LA BE

JuradoTools presents the cutting-edge Python LA BE, featuring an integrated air pressure multiplier that ensures versatility and effortless handling. This remarkable tool surpasses conventional clamps by effortlessly executing clinching points in previously inaccessible areas.

With its ingenious mechanical head opening system, the Python LA BE effortlessly overcomes obstacles such as folded edges, enabling clinching points beyond limitations. Engineered with precision, this exclusive creation by JuradoTools boasts an impressive clamping force of up to 28 kN, making it an ideal powerhouse for the HVAC sector.

To enhance usability, the Python LA BE comes complete with a gyroscopic support system and can be customized with round and trapezoidal tool kits, equipped with dies of various heights and dimensions to accommodate different types and thicknesses of sheet metal.

Experience the exceptional versatility of the Python LA BE, also available with a 90° working head, by contacting JuradoTools today.

Python LA BE

  • Total Weight: 6,6 kg
  • Max air pressure: 6 bar
  • Max hydraulic pressure: 265 bar
  • Thrust: 25 kN
  • Cycle time: 0,8 sec
  • Total sheet thickness mild steel: 3,0 mm
  • Total sheet thickness stainlees steel: 2,0 mm