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Jurado Tools introduces its innovative air pressure booster, a game-changer in the industry. Our pressure multiplier consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a compressed air system, providing a remarkable amplification of oil pressure on-site. With a staggering multiplication factor of 60, a mere 1 bar of compressed air can yield an astonishing 60 bars of compressed oil. Imagine achieving 360 bars of compressed oil with a standard pressure of just 6 bars. This cutting-edge technology ensures an optimal power supply for our clamps, enabling seamless joining of metal plates.

The versatility of our system is highlighted by the adjustable force and power settings on the booster. Detailed instructions for use are provided with every cold welding machine purchase, guiding users in harnessing the full potential of this remarkable multiplier. At Jurado Tools, we prioritize customization to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our multipliers can be tailored to deliver the desired power and volume of compressed oil, providing unmatched flexibility and performance.

By replacing outdated hydraulic power packs, our pressure multipliers offer significant advantages in terms of economy and environmental impact. Not only are they safer and easier to operate, but they also boast a lightweight design, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Experience the future of clamping technology with Jurado Tools’ advanced air pressure booster, revolutionizing the industry in terms of power, precision, and sustainability.